I Remember

Last updated: 2024-07-01


I remember discovering Joe Brainard’s I Remember for the first time and wanting to steal his idea. I think everyone should steal his idea and write their own version.


I remember feeding sugar to the horses that lived behind our house.


I remember my mittens covered in hard snow that flaked off when I moved my fingers.


I remember when I accidentally caught our dog’s tail in the door and the sound he made.


I remember picking up a plastic gun that had been left on the roof of our garage and a thousand ants crawling out of it.


I remember cutting through a field of allotments on the way home from school, and jumping over the patches of mud.


I remember an electricity box near the end of our street that was closed of with a green door. Some kids in our street called it  “the green gables” but I was more scared of being electrocuted than ghosts.


I remember a second electricity box near the other house we lived at. It marked the border between our street and the next. I remember sitting on the wall in summer evenings waiting for friends to come out and climb one of two trees next to it. That was an extremely good tree to climb and I can remember the colour and shape of the branches even now.